Foldable tent 4.5x3m for frequent use. Quick and easy to set up.

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Cover & frame steel 32x1,3mm (basic)
Cover & frame aluminium 40x1,8mm (business)
Cover & frame aluminium 55x1,8mm (pro)
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10 reasons to choose the best tent in Belgium!

1. Reinforced foot

The tent has strong full metal footrests of 8 mm instead of 2 mm. They are provided with holes to reinforce the tent with pegs.


2. Solid aluminum frame

Available in 3 versions:
• square steel - 26 x 1.3 mm
• square aluminum - 40 x 2 mm
• hexagonal (hexagonal) aluminum - 55 x 2 mm


aluminium frame


3. Ergonomic tension pins

The pulling pins have been reinforced. A pulling pin is more ergonomic and more durable than a push button.


Ergonomisch trekpennen 


4. Customization

Create your unique tent yourself by integrating color in every detail. This way you can give the volants, seams and roofs their own color. Mix & match from a range of (standard) colors to process your own style in the tent. You can also have a special shape cut out of the side walls or have a side wall made to measure. Thanks to the in-house production, Krekels delivers your projects completely customized.


actie custom made BMW zijwand partytent actie



5. Polyester tent cloth

The roof canopy is UV-resistant and fire retardant with B1 certificate. The stitching seams are sealed so that the entire tent surface is watertight. The water runs off the tent and will never be left thanks to the tension of the sail. The points of contact of the frame are doubly reinforced. The valance (the wide band under the roof) is finished with a wide velcro strip of 5 cm for the attachment of side walls. . The canvas has a grammage of 320 gr / m. This is ideal for optimal roof tension but not too heavy, so that the fabric is easy to use.


waterdichte tent fabric



6. Aluminum scissors profiles

Profiles in aluminum of 2 mm wall thickness. An intelligent bolt system that does not come off when used frequently.


7. Aluminum molded couplers and central spring

The coupling pieces and central spring are made of aluminum and therefore of better quality than variants in PVC or fiberglass. The central spring ensures a long-lasting tension of the roof.


koppelstukcentrale veer partytent



8. Printing

Depending on your project, we choose from three different printing techniques: screen printing, thermofoil or full digital printing (sublimation). With full digital printing you get very intense and bright colors with a lot of detail.


bedrukking detail


9. Made in Belgium

The products are made in our workshop in Lokeren. All parts and accessories can therefore be delivered easily and with short delivery times. You can easily order each part through our after-sales service. We also have our own repair service and cleaning service.


dropflag productie


10. Wide range of accessories

• Removable wheels of 10 cm diameter. Suitable for rough surface.
• Sturdy carrying bag with side pockets for storing a side wall.
• Rain gutters, clamps, heating, lighting, connector flag, puzzle weights, ..


accesoires tent

  • Steel frame - Legs square 32x1.3mm - 28 kg
  • Aluminum frame business: Legs 40x1,8mm - 28 kg
  • Aluminum frame professional: Legs hexagonal 50x1,8mm - 29,6 (Heavy duty, professional use, highest stability in the market)


Frame Staal Frame Aluminium Business Frame Aluminium Professional
Quality of fabric:

Tent fabric consists of very high grade polyester 320g / m², with watertight (> 2000mm water column) and fire retardant (B1) coatings and anti-mold properties.

You have opted for a roof of one color. Here the available colors. Give your selection in the shop. If you do not know the color yet, you can also select this.
For tent completely white, we advise you to choose the option: 'Tent Volant and roof in white' elsewhere in the shop. This item is available from stock and cheaper.


Available standard colors:

Optional: lettering

As a specialist in printed tents you also have the option of inscribing a roof in white or in one color. This is done by a special lettering technique in one color. Often a text is chosen on the volant in white or black. Other colors are possible. Ask our sales staff for information about this.

Optional storm straps
A set consisting of 4 ground pins and sturdy storm straps is not included as standard.

Removable wheels

For the aluminum frames our carrier bags and removable wheels are designed for frequent and ergonomic use. By sliding the set of removable wheels under the frame, you can easily move the tent without lifting it once. These wheels are optional but a must for anyone who uses the tent regularly.
(PS: For steel frames, a bag with wheels attached to it is included in the price and therefore this option is not applicable).


- For steel frame bag with wheels is standard and included in price. No further choices possible.
- For aluminum frame you have a choice


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