Lightbox 230 cm (set: frame, 2 bases, sideled, printed fabric)

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Set includes: frame, 2 bases, lighting (sideled) and printed fabric.

Stand out in your building or the street scene is the message. Which can! With ultra-efficient power-LED modules you get a maximum light efficiency for a minimum of energy consumption. You quickly earn back the cost price of your power LEDs. Your LED display is narrower and has a contemporary look.

1. Frame

- Sideled 

- Weight: 1.95 kg 


2. Fabric printed (polyester knitted)

- Lux knitted cloth for light box, 165 g / m²

- silicone string 14mm finish

- digital 4 color printing

- There are 2 canvases for both single-sided and double-sided printing. With single-sided printing, there is a blank canvas on the back and with double-sided printing, there are 2 printed cloths. 


3. Base

- 2 plates of 10.5 kg

- Pearl gray  


4. Lighting

Power LED modules, 35-40 cm strips, with 5 LEDs (2.4 W / LED) or Transformer up to 120 W (max. 8 LED strips per transformer)  


5. Weight & packaging

- Weight feet: 10.5 kg/piece

- Weight of fabric: 165gr/m²

- Profile weight: 1.95 kg / m

- The whole is packed in a cardboard box.   


More possibilities

If desired, it is also possible to order the textile frames in other dimensions. In this case, contact our sales department. [email protected] or 09/337 71 50

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