Technical details

  • Fully customised
  • Choose from 5 different widths, and 3 colours (grey, black and white)
  • Changeable textile fabric
  • Textile fabric with high-quality print
  • Suitable for various applications
  • 2cm bleed
  • Image format 1/10;
  • Embed all logos and photos;
  • Make the design in CMYK color mode;
  • Image format at 600dpi;
  • Convert all letter in contours;

As a final step, remove the layer that contains the template and save the file in PDF format.


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Height (cm): Confirm
Width (cm): Confirm
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Mounting on wall or display
Type of profile
Colour of profile
Recommended: Grey
Recommended: Grey
Recommended: Grey
Recommended: TX90S anodised (grey)
Type of LED
Recommended: LED mounted on dibond
Recommended: LED built into frame
Position of Led lights
Brightness of LED
Recommended: Powerled - left in frame
Recommended: Powerled - left and right in frame
Recommended: Powerled - top of frame
Recommended: Powerled - top and bottow of frame
Exit positon of electrical cable
Cut profile to requested size
Recommended: TX140D base grey 10,5 kg + pre-drilled Recommended: TX140D base white 10,5 kg + pre-drilled , qty 0 , qty 0
Recommended: Packed safely for transport , qty 1
Delivery time (if ordered and approved artwork before 12:00 pm)