Technical details

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Ideal for trade fairs and presentations.
  • Various models, formats and materials
  • Choice of 2 ecological fabrics
  • For every budget and application
  • Including handy nylon bag
  1. Download the correct template via the button below
  2. Open the file in a layout program and create the design in a separate layer
  3. You must take into account the following points:
  • Embed all logos and photos
  • Make the design in CMYK color mode
  • Image format at 600 dpi
  • Convert all text to outlines

As a final step, remove the layer that contains the template and save the file as PDF format.


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Quality of frame
Recommended: Business
Dimensions height x width
Recommended: FABRIC: Rollup basic 200x80 cm
Recommended: FABRIC: Rollup business 210x85 cm
Recommended: FABRIC: Rollup maxi 270x150 cm
Recommended: FABRIC: Rollup pro 210x85 cm
Quality of fabric
New or reuse own hardware?
Packaging request
Recommended: Packed per piece
Number of visuals
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