Visix Brand Shiners - a story worth knowing

Visix Brand Shiners is the merger company of Visix from Roeselare (founded in 1903 as Demeere Vlaggen) and Krekels (founded in 1999) from Lokeren. It is no coincidence that Demeere Vlaggen was born under the church tower of Yper. The company was specialized in handmade flags and embroidered chasubles for parades, associations and municipalities. The authentic craftsmanship of those days is now combined with absolute top technology.


While the small company grew into a leading player in textile printing, the company Krekels was founded in 1999 in Lokeren - some 100 kilometers away. From the beginning, the company was specialized in promotion materials for indoor and outdoor applications such as tents, flags and banners, but also materials for trade fairs or showrooms such as pop-up walls, roll-ups and exhibition panels. Krekels developed into a promotion specialist of printed tents in all possible sizes, beach flags, banners, displays and presentation walls and is even the European number one for the Startent®.

Demeere Vlaggen was renamed Visix in 2008, a name that refers to its mission: to provide companies or products with the highest visibility. Visix's base of operations is a brand new headquarters in Roeselare. With a division in France (Visix France founded in 2016) and a web shop for professionals (Visix 3.0), Visix remains committed to growth, innovation and service.

In 2017, Visix of West Flanders and Krekels of East Flanders entered into an alliance. This provided higher growth potential and economies of scale for both companies and strengthened their market share. 

In 2020, the alliance will deepen even further and Krekels and Visix will continue their activities with one voice and under one banner: from now on we will be called Visix - Brand Shiners. Our mission: to make companies and products score and shine with visually strong and innovative solutions that are truly "finished".

We have branches in Roeselare, Armentières, Lokeren and Poland and employ a total of some 80 people. All of them professionals who can work with outstanding equipment and technologies.